SuMi TRUST offers a range of investment approaches, including equity investments, to suit institutional clients’ needs.  If you are a family office looking for a well-researched local Japanese active equity manager with strong track record of alpha generation, a pension fund seeking a bespoke Japanese equity strategy to fit your needs or a sovereign wealth fund looking for diversification of your large global indexing mandate, we have the answer.

Active Capabilities

Japanese Equity

Japan Quality Growth Strategy

The strategy aims to provide investors with long term capital appreciation through investment in equity securities listed on the Recognised Exchanges in Japan. We construct a portfolio through a bottom-up approach, identifying companies with the potential for EPS (earnings per share) growth over multiple years with above average ROE (return on equity).

Japan Micro-Cap Strategy

The strategy aims to generate long term capital growth by investing predominantly in micro cap stocks, which are often overseen by institutional investors. Its investment process focuses on “long-term growth potential “and “change in earnings trend”.

Global Equity

Passive Capabilities


SuMi TRUST have extensive experience providing passive products to meet the increasingly diversified and sophisticated needs of our varied range of clients. We believe that excellent, high quality indexing products require an erudite balance of tracking accuracy, cost and opportunities to enhance return.

We aim to provide clients with a wholly rounded and flexible offering that best aligns with the needs and interests of each client. Whether it’s tracking a traditional, bespoke or augmented benchmark, we are confident our expertise will make us a valuable partner for your unique passive institutional needs.

News & Insights

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Japanese Equities Show Decreasing Volatility

SuMi's Coffee Break Column: Katsunori Ogawa, Chief Portfolio Manager of the Sakigake Strategy, explores how Japanese equities have shown decreasing volatility and a high risk-return efficiency in comparison to US equities.
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Resurrection of Small Caps

After several years of Japanese small cap underperformance against their large cap peers, small cap stocks have started to play catch-up from Q2 2023. In this article, Senior Investment Director Akimichi Oi reviews the historical relationship between the relative valuation and performance of small caps against large caps; and displays how its outperformance is likely to continue given the relative undervaluation of small caps.
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Market Review for May 2023

The Japanese stock market reached a 33 year high in May, with the TOPIX index up 3.6% and the Nikkei 225 up 7.0%. The market reacted favourably towards the middle of the month as overseas investors bought up Japanese equities. Meanwhile the market softened towards the month-end as April industrial production fell short of the market consensus.
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Japan's Wage Problem is Coming to an End

[EXTERNAL LINK] In this article with Investment Week, Hiroyuki Ueno, chief strategist at SuMi TRUST, discusses how Japan's sluggish wage growth is facing a revival amidst rising inflation and the impact on small and medium sized companies.