As a responsible institutional investor, SuMi TRUST considers exercising voting rights in connection with trusted assets or “proxy voting” to be one of the most important elements of our stewardship activities.


1600+ engagements in a year to June 2023


5-star PRI score in 2021 (after previously receiving an A+ score for 6 years in a row from 2015 to 2020)


Voted against investee companies in Japan in 19.8% of company proposals in a year to June 2023


365 companies have committed to corporate action based on SuMi TRUST’s engagement

I. Basic Policy

Through proxy voting, SuMi TRUST aims to contribute to the sustainable growth of investee companies and maximize the long-term return of our clients. We focus on efficient use of capital, appropriate corporate governance systems and consideration to ESG issues.

II. Conflicts of Interest Management

SuMi TRUST aims to exercise voting rights for the best interests of clients. We establish transparent procedures including an independent Stewardship Activity Advisory Committee that give recommendations on proxy voting based on clearly defined guidelines for exercising of voting rights.

III. Structure

The Executive Officer in charge of the Stewardship Development exclusively holds all authority in proxy voting activities. The Sustainability Committee and the Stewardship Activity Advisory Committee have been established to support the officer.

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January 2024

Domestic Stock Voting Right Principles

January 2024

Foreign Stock Voting Right Principles